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Creative Director with Principles

As the Creative Director with Principles, I am responsible for the integrity and quality of creative work. From collaborating with our Strategist on creative briefs, to creating big ideas, and stewarding those ideas through production and into amazing content, brands, campaigns, and so much more. My goals for the work we do are for it to meet our clients' business objectives, be driven by insight, stack up as award-worthy, and that we execute it with care and an eye for detail. Creativity and the approach we take to get to an idea has always been fascinating to me. I LOVE to solve problems by approaching them differently. One thing I like to say is “I can’t tell you if this idea is any good until I have 10 more to compare it to” — it is important to me that we don’t go with the first solution, but that we look at as many possibilities as we can, and evaluate which idea or approach will best fulfil our goals — I believe this is how great ideas get made.

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