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Senior Account Director

What do you want to change?


I want people and governments to set realistic goals and targets when thinking about, and addressing, environmental issues. These targets need to be paired with proper education that informs the public WHY it benefits them today vs. a hypothetical future 20 years from now. Lofty, unrealistic, and seemingly unattainable goals will not move the needle. Thinking realistically about a problem, setting realistic goals, and formulating achievable solutions will. 


What is your role at Manifest?

I am responsible for account leadership and management of projects from inception to completion.  I work with the Client on defining objectives and uncovering insights that lay the foundation for great creative.  This also involves navigating the various internal and external processes necessary to deliver great work and taking the time to understand what success looks like for all stakeholders to ensure a smooth process and final product that delivers on, or exceeds, expectations.

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